Quality, Away from Mass Tourism


We maximise your personal freedom by providing:

  1. Four nights accommodation in every place for maximum comfort.
  2. A wide range of optional excursions to choose from without extra charge.
  3. Individual assistance to all participants, with free maps and information

Scenic Walks: Our tours do include a few optional scenic walks. They have been especially selected for their beauty and easy gradient and you are perfectly free to shorten them – if you wish – or not join in at all. Total walking time ranges from 30 minutes to a maximum 1 hour and 30 minutes.

No Hidden Extras

There are no hidden extras to pay for whilst on tour.

Peaceful Enjoyment

We respect peaceful enjoyment, we don t talk on the microphone all the time.

Chile’s picturesque countryside and volcano Osorno near Puerto Varas

Our South American Tours represent a fresh new approach to the discovery of these spectacular and very diversified countries.

In a world where overpopulation is gradually spoiling most beautiful places, triggering massive waves of concrete developments, cars and pollution……mass tourism can be the final straw to make any holiday unbearable.

Mass media vested interests only promote destinations which are heavily advertised (and paid for). So that more and more people are induced to go to the same places. They feel almost “compelled” by mass media manipulation.

We break away from this pattern. Our tours are a kaleidoscope of colourful surprises, picturesque highlights off the beaten track and sharp contrasts.

We deliver a fine balance of beautiful scenery, historical heritage and local culture in a framework of a comprehensive, yet unhurried holiday.

We maximise your personal freedom by providing excellent hotel locations, optional guided orientations and plenty of local maps to allow for independent sightseeing.

Our special gastronomic dinners provide a wide range of regional dishes in the traditional setting of picturesque and sometimes old fashioned restaurants.