Unique South American Tours with 4 Nights in Every Hotel


See One Country at a Time!!

This beautiful continent deserves more than a superficial rush in 30 days! You’ll also enjoy the comfort, security, economy of a tour with the freedom of individual travelling.

South America is more than twice the size of Australia. Rather than cramming too many highlights in the shortest possible time, we offer quality tours featuring 4 nights in every place. Our programs include a daily schedule of free optional excursions to choose from and you set your own pace.

These tours have been designed to offer the maximum flexibility and personal freedom to the participants, without any constraint.

We simply provide options, guided orientations, free maps and information to cater for all kind of individual requirements. The number of participants is limited to 14.

Our tours provide a high standard of comfort with modern air conditioned coaches and are far less demanding than most European tours.

Chile’s stunning beauty and exceptional length (4,300km) provide dramatic contrasts: the Andes with snowy peaks up to 7,000m, deserts, rainforests, hundreds of lakes, fjords and glaciers.

Brazil features a splendid coastline, dotted with beautiful islands, historic colonial towns as well as mountain resorts.

Argentina’s main feature is the contrast between the huge eastern plains and the high mountain range of the Andes to the west. Climate ranges from mild to cold in Patagonia.

Patagonia is a land of untamed beauty with plenty of natural wonders. Our in-depth “no rush-no fuss” tour of the temperate zone of Patagonia is unique!