Argentina Tour Departs 10 NOV 2020

24 day tour AUD 11,650


Argentina Tour Prices & Airlines

Argentina provides a unique scenic variety.

From the glamour of cosmopolitan Buenos Aires and its tango shows, to the spectacular high Andes; from impressive Iguazu Fall to the scenic beauty of the Lake District, surrounded by snowy peaks; from the untamed Patagonia landscape to our cruise through giant glaciers…

the diversity of Argentina is really unparalleled ! !

Argentina Map

Argentina - Tour Map

Iguazu Falls

A Journey of Discovery

This is a relaxed “no rush – no fuss” tour. Travel is by way of a mini coach, ideally suited for the picturesque roads featured in our program.

Yet we provide quality hotel accommodation (see hotel list) with four night stops to maximise your comfort.



  • Meals, other than those included in the package.
  • Optional multi-course dinners with 1/4 bottle of wine and 1/2 bottle of water AUD 60.
  • Show of Tango music and dances.
  • Entry ticket into the Museum of Life & Wine at Cafayate.
  • Two cable cars and one chairlift.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Single accommodation supplement.
  • Entry tax into Argentina (Australian Passport holders only).


  • Return international air travel flying LATAM to Buenos Aires and domestic flights within Argentina flying Aerolineas Argentinas.
  • All airport taxes (International and Domestic).
  • Transfer from airports to hotels and vice versa.
  • Hotel accommodation (Bed and Breakfast).
    See our list of quality hotels in this brochure.
  • Nine dinners with a 1/4 bottle of wine and a small bottle of mineral water. Three very special lunches.
  • Modern mini coaches with English speaking tour guides. Air travel is not escorted.
  • A wide range of excursions from all the major centres of the itinerary. These tours, provided at no extra cost, are on an optional basis.
  • Cruise in the Paraná River Delta, near Buenos Aires by exclusive boat.
  • Zodiac cruise along the Iguazu River all the way to the Iguazu Falls.
  • Spectacular cruise through giant glaciers at the huge Lake Argentino, to visit the historic “Estancia Cristina” in picturesque spot on the banks of the lake and surrounded by snowy peaks and glaciers.
  • Entrance fees to National Parks.
  • Optional extension to your International ticket.
Argentina Weather

Some Highlights

Buenos Aires – It’s the most European of the great cities of South America. Its fascinating city centre blends the most majestic avenues and squares to be found anywhere with a network of pedestrian malls, full of shops, arcades and night life.

Iguazu Falls – The world’s largest falls are shared between Brazil and Argentina. It’s a complex of 275 fantastic waterfalls breaking over a recurved precipice surrounded by virgin forests.

Salta – It’s the best preserved hispanic city in Argentina, well known as “La Linda” (the beautiful) because of its architecture and the amazing geographical diversity of its environment. It is located at 1,200m in the northern Andes.

Cafayate – At 1,650m of altitude in the Northern Andes, this small town has become famous for high altitude vineyards, scattered all around it, right up to 2,000m. It’s an impressive landscape, dotted with picturesque wineries, producing unique wines.

Bariloche – Beauty and variety: Argentina’s premier resort in the Andes, is set amongst a complex system of lakes, forests, snowy peaks and glaciers. It’s sophisticated, elegant and upmarket.

Patagonia Glaciers – Scenic navigation at Lake Argentino along its north west branch which penetrates deeply into the Andes amongst giant glaciers. Disembarkation at the historic Estancia Cristina surrounded by mountains and glaciers.


Tue 10 Nov 10:30 – Departure from Sydney Airport flying LATAM to Buenos Aires via Santiago.
16.30 – Same day arrival in Buenos Aires and transfer to hotel.

Wed 11 Nov 09:00 – Morning city tour in Buenos Aires by exclusive coach with local guide.
12.00 – Return to hotel. Afternoon at leisure in the elegant city centre of Buenos Aires.
19.30 – Optional dinner.

Argentina - Buenos Aires - 11 Nov

Thu 12 Nov 08:30 – Excursion to the Tigre district in the outskirts of Buenos Aires and cruise by exclusive boat along the beautiful intricate system of waterways in the delta of the Paraná River. Early afternoon return to Buenos Aires.
19.30 – Optional dinner. Optional Tango show after dinner.

Fri 13 Nov 08:30 – Excursion to the picturesque country estancia “La Candelaria” endowed with a beautiful castle and surrounded by a lush park. Estancia is a Spanish name for country estate (sheep/cattle station). Local lunch is included. Return to Buenos Aires in mid-afternoon.
19.30 – Optional dinner.

Sat 14 Nov 09:30 – Transfer to airport. Aerolineas Argentinas flight to Iguazu.
15.00 – Arrival and transfer to hotel.
19.30 – Dinner at the hotel (included).

Sun 15 Nov 09:00 – Visit to the Argentinian side of the Iguazu Falls. A short ride on a small ecological train will take you to the starting point of a spectacular walkway over the waters, right up to the largest fall of them all: The Devil’s Throat! This will be followed by a series of delightful scenic walks on different paths crossing over dozens of waterfalls. Return to the hotel in the afternoon.
19.30 – Dinner at the hotel (included).

Argentina - Buenos Aires - 15 Nov

Mon 16 Nov 09:30 – Embarkation on Zodiac to cruise along the Iguazu River right up to the main falls. This will be followed by a 4WD safari through jungle paths. Return to hotel by lunch time. Afternoon at leisure.
19.30 – Dinner at the hotel (included).

Tue 17 Nov 08:30 – Departure for Brazil and visit to the other side of the Falls. Local downhill walk through a jungle path on the banks of the River Iguazu. Here you will likely see some of the local fauna, particularly the Quaty: a slender agile animal which thanks to its claws can climb trees very quickly. At the end of the walk, a lift will bring you up to the main road level. Return to the hotel in mid-afternoon.
19.30 – Dinner at the hotel (included).

Wed 18 Nov 09:30 – Transfer to airport. Aerolineas Argentinas flight to Salta.
14.030 – Arrival at Salta.
16.00 – Guided orientation in Salta: it’s a relaxed two hours stroll with a coffee stop in the picturesque main square.
19.30 – Dinner at the hotel (included).

Argentina - Buenos Aires - 18 Nov
Spanish heritage in the main square of the historic city of Salta

Thu 19 Nov 09:30 – Departure for Corral (1,200m): a beautiful unspoilt lake in the Andes. Optional cable car to enjoy a sweeping view of the Lerma Valley. Lunch/snack at a restaurant set in a lovely panoramic spot on the banks of Lake Corral.
15.00 – Return to Salta. Afternoon at leisure.
19.30 – Optional Dinner.

Argentina - Buenos Aires - 19 Nov
High altitude vineyards near Cafayate with the snowy Andes in the background

Fri 20 Nov 08:30 – Scenic drive through spectacular gorges, to the town of Cafayate (1,650m), renowned for its high altitude vineyards, mostly at 1,650/1,800m of altitude. These are very special wines highly regarded in Argentina. Sightseeing and time at leisure in Cafayate. We strongly recommend to see the spectacular Museum of Life and Wine. Special lunch/snack in magic setting in a picturesque hotel-resort graced by a beautiful landscape of gardens and vineyards. Return to Salta in mid-afternoon.
19.30 – Optional Dinner.

Sat 21 Nov 08:30 – Spectacular drive climbing up from Salta to the pass Piedra del Molino (3,430m) continuing downhill to the village of Cachi (2,210m). First we go through forests which gradually fade as we approach the pass, flanked by some of the highest peaks in South America reaching almost 7,000m. Lunch/snack at Cachi and time at leisure.
13.00 – Return to Salta.
19.30 – Optional Dinner.

Sun 22 Nov 08:00 – Transfer to Salta Airport. Aerolineas Argentinas flight to El Calafate, via Buenos Aires.
17.00 – Arrival in El Calafate (200m) and transfer to hotel.
19.30 – Dinner at the hotel (included).

Argentina - Buenos Aires - 22 Nov
The Andes near El Cafayate

Mon 23 Nov 07:30 – Transfer to nearby harbour. Scenic navigation along the north west branch of Lake Argentino which stretches 45km deep into the Andes, boasting spectacular views of mountains and glaciers, including the Upsala Glacier: the largest in South America with a total area of and a length of 60km. Disembarkation at the historic “Estancia Cristina”: a sheep station established in 1914 in a most panoramic remote location. Local sightseeing and lunch/snack at the Estancia. Return to Calafate by late afternoon.
19.30 – Dinner at the hotel (included).

Tue 24 Nov 09:00 – Excursion to the Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the largest and most spectacular in Patagonia and one of the few which is not shrinking (due to the warming of the planet). It has a front of 5km and a length of 30km. Return to El Calafate in the afternoon.
19.30 – Dinner at the hotel (included).

Argentina - Buenos Aires - 24 Nov
Mount Fitzroy in the Andes

Wed 25 Nov 08:30 – Scenic drive heading north to the spectacular Mount Fitzroy district. The road from El Calafate borders for its entire length (90km) the huge Lake Viedma with beautiful views of the Viedma Glacier. Then it enters into an untamed valley graced by a beautiful clear water river and flanked by snowy peaks until we get to a most spectacular chalet for a very special lunch (included). Brief scenic walk after lunch.
17.00 – Arrival back in El Calafate.
19.30 – Dinner at the hotel (included).

Argentina - Buenos Aires - 25 Nov
Bariloche. Argentina’s premier resort in the Andes is set on the banks of the huge Lake Nahuel Huapi

Thu 26 Nov 14:00 – Departure for El Calafate Airport.
16.25 – Aerolineas Argentinas flight to Bariloche (800m), which is Argentina’s premier resort in the Andes, set amongst a complex system of lakes, forests and snowy peaks.
18.00 – Arrival in Bariloche and transfer to hotel.
19.30 – Optional dinner.

Fri 27 Nov 09:30 – Departure for “Cerro Catedral” mountain chain, where a cable car + chairlift will take you well above the snow line at more than 2,000m. After lunch, return to hotel. Afternoon at leisure.
19.30 – Optional dinner.

Sat 28 Nov 09:00 – Departure for a scenic drive in the lake district of Bariloche. Beautiful bays, forests and snowy peaks are the main features of the area. Stops and short walks will be made in the district.
12.30 – Lunch/snack in picturesque chalet on the banks of Lake Gutierrez. After lunch, time at leisure: relax in beautiful setting, hire a small rowing boat or go for a scenic walk.
16.00 – Return to hotel.
19.30 – Optional dinner.

Argentina - Buenos Aires - 28 Nov
View of Lake Mascardi from the Swiss style chalet where we stop for lunch

Sun 29 Nov 08:30 – Scenic drive on the banks of Lake Gutierrez continuing on a most spectacular narrow road on the banks of Lake Mascardi where we stop at a beautiful Swiss style chalet in a most enchanting spot, on the water edge, surrounded by snowy peaks and beautiful spring flowers. Relax in the area, go for a stroll or rent a rowing boat. Lunch at the chalet (included). After lunch, optional scenic walk to a local canyon graced by a giant waterfall.
17.00 – Arrival back at the hotel.
19.30 – Optional dinner.

Mon 30 Nov 09:00 – Transfer to airport. Aerolineas Argentinas flight to Buenos Aires.
13.30 – Arrival and transfer to hotel.
19.30 – Optional dinner.

Tue 01 Dec 15:00 – Transfer to Buenos Aires Airport. LATAM flight to Sydney via Santiago.

Wed 02 Dec – In flight.

Thu 03 Dec 07:30 – Arrival at Sydney Airport.


We believe that you are entitled to know exactly what you get for your money and that’s why we clearly state not only the number of stars but also the location of the hotels we use.

Unless you are in a rush tour, where you get to the hotel late at night and leave early morning, we do believe that a good location makes a world of difference to the quality of your holiday.

Buenos Aires: HOTEL DAZZLER TOWER. Four star hotel in the city centre. Its privileged location is within walking distance from all the main highlights and it’s only one block away from the famous Avenida Florida: Buenos Aires most glamorous pedestrian mall.

Iguazu: HOTEL CATARATAS. Five star hotel located in a green oasis, close to Iguazu National Park. It’s a complex which blends perfectly with the jungle environment surrounding it, with all roof lines kept below tree canopy level. Excellent facilities include swimming pool in lovely garden setting.

Salta: HOTEL ALMERIA. Quality four star hotel in the noble centre of this historic colonial city, only a few minutes walk from the main splendid square which is a gem of Spanish architecture. It’s a clever development with no rooms facing the main street, to prevent traffic noise affecting the comfort of its guests.

El Calafate: HOTEL KOSTEN AIKE. Excellent four star hotel built in alpine style. It’s located in a tranquil setting, adjacent to a park and within short walking distance from the busy downtown district of this famous resort, as well as from the banks of Lake Argentino.

Bariloche: HOTEL CRISTAL. Four star hotel in the premier downtown street of Bariloche: the most famous Argentinian resort in the Andes. Its privileged location in the very heart of Bariloche and close to the beautiful lake promenade, provides easy access to all the attractions of this picturesque town, built on the banks of the huge Lake Nahuel Huapi.

5 in Buenos Aires, 4 in Iguazu, 4 in Salta, 4 in El Calafate, 4 in Bariloche